Website of Dignifique Pro®

BedBath® Dignifique Pro® is a system that allows the hygiene of bedridden patients in a human manner, it makes safer and easier the work of nurses and carers, decrease wears and prevents injuries for repetitive effort, all of this with water economy and reduction of materials waste.

The company hired me to help them designing a website up to the quality of their equipment, which is the most advanced in the field between the ones available in the market, to start spread the product and sell it internationally.

Contact page
Contact page

The mais aspect of the site is the human criteria, for this purpose, after researches, we set soft colours and a tone of voice that puts the nurse or carer and the patient as relevant part of the communication. The website structure is simple and customized, allowing the manager to change content and its appearance in a simple and convenient way.

You can access the website here or take a look on the BedBath® catalogue we designed.