TUX Conference

The Digital Pond is a meet-up group for people who want to share ideas, techniques and experiences, mainly about user experience and development. Our challenge was to create a website for a one day conference run by the Digital Pond, making it better than the previous website and more appealing to the user and improving the tickets sales. This project was part of the module Live Team Project at the University of East London, and as part of the group were Farid Haddad, Louise D’Leolin and Raquel Prado.

TUX logotype
TUX logotype

We started the project planning, researching and gathering data. We created two personas based on our most representative users, and as we have found during researches that more than 70% of the users access websites from smartphones, we spent a great time making sure that the mobile version was really efficient, simple and that it sticks to their needs.

TUX Conference's mobile version of website
TUX Conference’s mobile version of website

We thought ways to structure the content during the ideation stage, and after that we started prototyping and testing it with users, to ensure that everything works smooth. After all the tests we refined the pages some more times, leading to great feedbacks from the client and awarding the team on the 30th May of 2014 at the university’s Creative Showcase with the CyberDuck Special Prize, as the best project in the module.